“Christa Parravani powerfully transforms her anguish over the traumatic death of her troubled identical sister into the astonishing Her.”
Vanity Fair

“Full of headlong energy, Christa Parravani’s HER is reckless yet delicate, familiar yet otherworldly, precise yet with the soul of a fairytale, and deeply moving in surprising ways.”
--Nick Flynn, author of Another Bullshit Night in Suck City and The Ticking is the Bomb

“The best memoirs should come with a warning label, the kind that makes you take a deep breath before you open the cover. Her announces its challenges immediately while also establishing the voice that will pull you through the darkness of loss, memory and expiation. Suddenly bereft, twinless, distrusting the talent that has been her mainstay and questioning what it means to be a survivor, Christa Parravani carries us with her into the excavation of what it means to keep living, a lost twin and a woman digging herself out of her sister’s loss. That she comes out the other side is never predictable—merely miraculous.” 
—Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina

“Out of a maelstrom of love, loss, and grief comes this beautiful clear-eyed memoir, one that reveals the power and peril of twinhood even as it explores ideas that affect us all: Why are we drawn to what may destroy us?  What makes us hurt the ones we love? And when we experience tragedy, how do we keep grief from eating us alive?  With a photographer’s sharp eye and a gifted writer’s penetrating insight, Parravani writes about being torn apart and then about piecing her life back together, brilliantly illuminating along the way what it means to be a sister, a daughter, a wife, an artist, and—ultimately, and triumphantly—herself.”
--Julie Orringer, author of The Invisible Bridge

“Christa Parravani's exploration of her relationship to her troubled identical twin sister is deeply thoughtful, lyrical, even magical. As she struggles for identity amid her sister's suffering, Parravani's own strength and talents emerge. There is rarely much redemption in losing the people we love, but Parravani transforms her pain into true beauty on the page. 
-- Kerry Cohen, author of Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity

“A photographer and identical twin tells the intimately delineated, raw story of her beloved sister. . . a finely wrought achievement of grace, emotional honesty, and self-possession”
--Publishers Weekly

“In this haunting memoir, photographer Parravani deconstructs the intense bonds between identical twins, the trauma of her sister’s death and her battle against similar self-destruction.….delicately weaving lyrical language together with her sister’s journals, her mother’s correspondence and conversations with family members, Parravani’s mesmerizing narrative tapestry reveals the multiple facets inherent within their tangled, complex and loving relationship.”
-- Kirkus

“Christa Parravani writes with extraordinary emotional honesty about being a twin and losing that beloved other self, and with equally remarkable candor about being an artist and about marriage, grief and much more. I have never read a book that so directly engaged the perils and exaltations of being a female. The scenes between the sisters in this book are breathtaking. And Christa's difficulty looking in the mirror after the death of her identical twin becomes the reader's desire to see him or herself, and the world, more sensitively. A fine and rare book.”
--Alice Elliott Dark, author of  In the Gloaming and Think of England

“The courage it must have taken Christa Parravani to write the memoir Her took my breath away. Not only did she confront, headfirst and with clear eyes, the story of her identical twin’s brutal rape and subsequent death spiral, but she had to, in essence, swallow her twin in order to summon the exquisite writer lying dormant within herself. The result is both a gripping tale of horror and redemption and a brilliant study of dichotomies, as only an identical twin adept at toggling between brain hemispheres could convey: dark versus light, Thanatos versus Eros, good versus evil, love versus hate, and every shade of gray, red, and crazy in between. I unreservedly loved this book.” 
--Deborah Copaken Kogan, author of Shutterbabe and The Red Book



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